Our purpose is to encourage and uplift African American girls that choose to defy the degrading stereotypes of scantily-clad and sexually suggestive African American women present in some hip-hop music videos.   

My sum is greater than all my “parts”….



Angelica Moss, CPA, MPA

The Anti-Video Girl Movement was born out of my outrage and disgust over the majority of hip-hop and R & B videos on a popular B.E.T. video countdown show.  I was shocked at the mature content of the videos, but was even more appalled at the slick packaging used to sell sex to African American youth.  I watched the entire program, hoping to see videos that balanced or countered any of the sexually explicit lyrics and images, but saw none.  Where was the antithesis of the video model? 

I wish to create a sense of urgency in parents, advocates, congregations, and communities to stand up for our African American girls and to value them as much as our African American boys.  Despite the “generation gap,” parents, advocates, and youth leaders must be educated on how to uplift and support African American girls during their most impressionable years of self-development and discovery.

The Anti-Video Girl website will serve as a clearinghouse of information for teens, parents, advocates, healthcare practitioners, educators, and others that seek information necessary to counter the destructive images and media depictions of African American females in hip-hop music and videos.

Who is the Anti-Video Girl?

The Anti-Video Girl has drawn a line in the sand to distinguish herself from her video vixen counterpart.  She is by no means perfect, but the Anti-Video Girl has enough self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness to know that her sum is greater than all of her “parts.”  She is focused on academics, sports, family, friends, and her future.  The Anti-Video Girl is not immune to peer-pressure, but is confident enough in herself and her abilities to set and accomplish goals.











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